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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sound Kitchen Welcomes Audioease to the Big Boy

Audioease recently traveled from the Netherlands to Sound Kitchen Studios to "shoot out" the Big Boy Studio and Studio A for their amazing Altiverb reverb plug-in.Audioease plans to release its new version in 2nd Quarter 2010, featuring Sound Kitchen's studios.

"Altiverb 6 is a convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb 6 offers the most extensive set of parameters, it supports all professional plug-in formats including protools TDM on the Mac, parameter automation and surround. Altiverb 6 gives you a choice between iLok SmartKey or Challenge/response copy protection, it lets you sample your own spaces (currently Mac only), and Altiverb is efficient on your cpu."

Be sure to pick up the next version of Altiverb to get that "Big Boy" drum sound that everyone raves about.