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Monday, February 8, 2010

Piano Microphone Shoot Out in Big Boy!

The Sound Kitchen recently held a piano "Microphone Shoot Out" with our interns last week, to help them better understand the differences between the different types of microphones. Sean Shannon, SK Chief tech, had them mic up the C7 Yamaha piano in the Big Boy studio, with stereo pairs of Nuemann U87's, AKG C414's, AKG 452's, Audio Technica 3528's, Neumann TLM 170's, a PL20 underneath the piano with a Senheisser MD 421 on top and a pair of Milab microphones. The microphones were going directly into the API legacy console. No compression or EQ was added. Take a listen to the examples below. Which do you prefer?




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Southern Gospel comes to The Sound Kitchen

Award winning Southern Gospel trio, The Booth Brothers, have been working on their forthcoming album with Gospel Music Hall of Fame producer Lari Goss. The Booth Brothers are spending their time in Studio E, working on vocals with recording engineer Ronnie Brookshire. All I can say is they sound amazing. Their new album is scheduled for release later this year.

The Booth Brothers Pictures, Images and Photos