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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interview with Little River band founding member, Beeb Birtles

Yesterday, we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Beeb Birtles, founding member and guitar player for the Little River Band, and ask him a few questions while he was recording in the Sound Kitchen.

Background; The Little River Band was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1975 and since then have sold over 25 million records with 13 American top 40 hits.

Sound Kitchen: What projects are you currently working on?

Beeb Birtles: Right now I'm actually writing with a couple of different people. My last project was "Fall With Me" by Lauren Moses, a young woman from Charleston, WV. My partner, Bill Cuomo and I produced that together. It was Lauren's debut CD that consisted of seven tracks.

SK What advice would you give to independent musicians who are considering recording a demo?

BB I would advice them to work with experienced producers and recording engineers. If you would be so lucky as to have one of your demos recorded by an established recording artist, the A team studio musicians here in Nashville usually copy note for note what they hear on the demo.

SK What advice would you give to independent musicians who are trying to promote themselves?

BB You can never go wrong with a publicity photo and a bio to hand out to people. Plus nowadays you have to join MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to network.

SK Who are you listening to currently?

BB Right now for pure pop I'm loving Jack McManus' "Either Side of Midnight" CD. I love Jem's music. Her first CD was called, "Finally Woken" and her second one is called, "Down To Earth". I also love "Gossip In The Grain" by Ray LaMontagne. And Kings of Leon, of course!

SK What studio in the Sound Kitchen do you prefer?

BB The Big Boy studio is very impressive but I would probably feel more comfortable in one of the smaller, more intimate studios. But I'm sure that every room will produce the desired effect.

SK What do you enjoy doing around Nashville when not in the studio.

BB I certainly like driving around the countryside on those days when you just want to get away. My wife and I have started canoeing on the Duck River. That's fun to do! I like trying different ethnic restaurants that are springing up all around Nashville.

SK Any last words of advice?

BB When it comes to recording, remember that LESS IS MORE. You know what they say about opinions, don't you? Yeah, everybody's got one! In other words, it's not what you add to your recording, the secret is knowing what to leave out. The Beatles recorded on 4 track recorders!