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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sound Kitchen Welcomes Brokenheartsville Records!

Sound Kitchen Studios welcomes Brokenheartsville Records and its founder, hit songwriter Randy Boudreaux, to the Kitchen. Randy moved the company's business operations into Sound Kitchen Studios. A few of Randy's hits include "Brokenheartsville" sung by Joe Nichols, "Goodnight Sweetheart" sung by David Kersh, and "Alibis" sung by Tracy Lawrence. Randy also co-wrote the song "Matthew, Mark, Luke and Earnhardt", recorded by former jockey, Shane Sellers.

Boudreaux also won a GMA Dove Award for Country Album of the Year in 1997 for producing Jeff Silvey's album, "Little Bit of Faith".

Sound Kitchen Welcomes Audioease to the Big Boy

Audioease recently traveled from the Netherlands to Sound Kitchen Studios to "shoot out" the Big Boy Studio and Studio A for their amazing Altiverb reverb plug-in.Audioease plans to release its new version in 2nd Quarter 2010, featuring Sound Kitchen's studios.

"Altiverb 6 is a convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb 6 offers the most extensive set of parameters, it supports all professional plug-in formats including protools TDM on the Mac, parameter automation and surround. Altiverb 6 gives you a choice between iLok SmartKey or Challenge/response copy protection, it lets you sample your own spaces (currently Mac only), and Altiverb is efficient on your cpu."

Be sure to pick up the next version of Altiverb to get that "Big Boy" drum sound that everyone raves about.



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sound Kitchen Interviews Producer Skidd Mills

Skidd Mills is the owner of Skiddco Music, a production company based at Sound Kitchen Studios in Franklin, TN. Currently, Skiddco Music has 4 bands on its roster. Saving Abel, signed to Virgin Records. Tetanus, from Memphis TN, Deepfield from Charleston SC, and Brent James. Saving Abel's debut
self- titled platinum selling album is available everywhere on Virgin Records. The band is currently touring behind their hit single "Addicted." Tetanus is available on I-Tunes. A special pre-release EP of Deepfield new material is available now on I-Tunes. Brent James is currently in production.

Sound Kitchen
: How did you get your start in the music business?
Skidd Mills: Dumb luck. I was playing in a band in a club, and this guy walks up to me and asks me if I want a job at his studio. I was like “heck ya!”. I think he thought it would be easier to record my band if I was working there. So, I worked there for a few years, went to Fullsail for a year, and got a job at Ardent studios in Memphis TN. Just kind of worked my way up the ranks. Later, a producer friend, Paul Ebersold and I opened 747 Studios, and in June of this year, I moved my operation to The Sound Kitchen here in Franklin.

S.K. Who are your musical influences?
S.M. So many….My parents always encouraged anything musical. As a kid, I remember going to listen to my Mom practice organ and piano all the time. That really stuck with me through the years. Lots of classical stuff. And then I heard Moving Pictures by Rush and that blew me away. Then I got into Queen, Elton John, Genisis and then Metal came along and that was it. I liked all the 80’s bands. But I listen to everything….Rock, Pop….whatever.

S.K. How would you describe your role in the studio?
S.M. As a caretaker for songs. My job is to make the song the best it can be. Just serve the song always, on all levels…

S.K. What do you think makes a good producer?
S.M. I think being musical, and being able to bring out great songs.

S.K. What is in your CD player right now?
S.M. The only CD player I have is in my car, and whatever I’m working on now is what’s probably in there.

S.K. How did you get your first cut as a songwriter? Who was the artist?
S.M. My first cut was a song that I wrote with a band called Fighting Instinct. It was called “I Found Forever”. I was producing the song demos, and we just kind of came up with it. It ended up getting them a deal and cracked the top 30 on Active Rock I think.

S.K. What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into the music industry?
S.M. Good luck. Work hard. And…. My advice is that a great song will take you farther than anything. Once you can get past all the technical crap and truly focus on the song, then you can really start moving forward. I’m not saying technical stuff is not important, I’m just saying you gotta get to a point where you're not thinking about it and you are concentrating on the song.
Friday, December 4, 2009

WWE Super Star Mickie James Records at Sound Kitchen Studios!

Mickie James


(Nashville, TN) – Today WWE® Diva Mickie James announced the signing of an exclusive personal recording contract with famed Nashville music producer Kent Wells at Sound Kitchen Studios.

Wells has produced projects for country artists Dolly Parton, Michael Peterson, and Neal McCoy among others. He also played guitar on and co-produced Dolly Parton’s GRAMMY-nominated album, “Halos And Horns” and the GRAMMY and Oscar-nominated song “Travelin’ Through.” He also produced Parton’s most recent album, “Backwoods Barbie,” which was the highest debuting Billboard Chart album release of her historic career.

James and Wells are currently in Sound Kitchen Studios working on her first recording project. A spring 2010 debut release is anticipated. Last month, James announced signings with Sherry Massaro’s Nashville-based Skyline Management Group, Inc., as well as Don Grubbs’ Absolute Publicity, Inc. for public relations representation.