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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Love About Country Star, Danielle Peck

Country Music Star Danielle Peck recorded a music video at Sound Kitchen Studios. Country TV Host, Ashlie Kolb interviewed Danielle in the Big Boy Studio for her upcoming album. Danielle recorded her first album at the Sound Kitchen; however it is interesting to note that Danielle has been writing songs since she was ten years old.

Here are just a few things The Sound Kitchen love’s about Danielle:

1. Maxim Magazine recently named her one of the
Hottest Women in Country Music.

2. If every waiter in Nashville is an aspiring musician, Danielle was no different. She started off in Nashville with a schedule of writing from eight in the morning until she had to work, often from 2PM until 3AM. Starbucks was her best friend.

3. She was recently honored in her hometown of Zanesville, Ohio with her own day. October 17th is now officially “Danielle Peck Day.” She said, “I was so shocked and frazzled by the news that I actually forgot the words to one of my songs once we began the show!"

You can check out Danielle at: http://www.myspace.com/daniellepeck or visit her site at DaniellePeck.com