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Monday, March 22, 2010

Steff Nevers' "Skypes" a Recording Session

Norwegian Country artist, Steff Nevers, "Skyped" a recording session in Studio E with engineer Matt Coles and session leader and percussionist Pete Abbott. A host of A-list session players; ie: Brent Mason, Michael Rhodes, Dan Dugmore, and Pete Abbott tracked Steff's project while Steff produced the session players from Norway. "The Skype tracking and mix sessions were flawless! So, it was like Steff was in room, all the while working from his home in Norway" commented Pete Abbott.

Steff Nevers was born in 1975 in the small Norwegian town of Drammen. He grew up in the similarly unknown town of Geithus in Modum. Still, the move was worthwhile for the toddler because it was here that he came into contact with music. He was already convinced at a young age that he would become a musician. Instead of a classic violinist, his original career goal, Steff Nevers became an outstanding guitarist. His speciality: finger picking. Soon the stocky virtuoso was a heavily booked session guitarist across all of Norway. KERRANG magazine said about the guitarist that he had a very promising career ahead of him.

In 2007 Steff Nevers decided to get involved in his own music, and realize his own dream, by recording an album in Nashville with the greats of the studio scene. With the assistance of the Nashville A-Team – drummer Eddie Bayers, guitarist Brent Mason, steel guitarist Paul Franklin & Co., the Norwegian was successful in making a highly acclaimed album, strongly linked to the roots of music. His first work in 2008 brought him a recording contract with Universal Music Norway and an international recording contract with AGR/Universal. The first album 'Closest To My Heart' earned rave reviews and was awarded Gold in Norway for selling more than 15.000 copies. The album was nominated for the Norwegian Spellemannsprisen 2009 (the local equivalent to the American Grammy). When Toby Keith visited Europe, Steff was personally invited to be support.