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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sound Kitchen Mic Pre Shootout

We recently held a "Microphone Pre-amp Shootout" with our class of interns in the Big Boy Studio. We had a singer repeat the same lines of a song for easy comparison. The signal flow was as follows...

A Neumann U-67 going to a "selected mic pre" going through a Purple Audio M76 compressor to Pro Tools.

Our Mic Pre list was as follows

API 212L

Avalon M-5

DBX 786

Martech MSS-10

Neve 1073

Summit Audio Dual Tube Pre

Take a moment to listen to the differences below.

Which vocal chain do you think sounds the best and why?

Are there any other vocal chains that you think sound amazing?

Please let us know what you think.

All of these outboard mic pres are available for rental when you book any studio at The Sound Kitchen.

Sound Kitchen Mic Pre Shootout

Billy Ray Cyrus In Sound Kitchen Studios For His New Movie

Nashville native TV, Movie Star, and Country Artist, Billy Ray Cyrus just finished recording his voiceovers here in the Big Boy at Sound Kitchen Studios yesterday for his new movie, Christmas in Canaan. (Canaan, Texas that is.) The movie is based off of a book he and Kenny Rogers Co-wrote in 2002, (For more info, check out the book here) and premiers December 12th at 7 pm CST on the Hallmark Channel.

In the movie, Cyrus plays a widowed father trying to raise three children in Canaan, Tex. during the Civil Rights Movement. We will keep you updated! In the meantime check out the cast list at IMDB.